Working in the music and media industry since 1992

Julia and Sarah Trice – Partners

Trice & Co provides financial and business services to bands, artists their creative managements and companies in the music and media industries.

Trice & Co recognises that creative people have the drive and energy to conceive and promote their talents. However, they may not, have the time or the inclination to conduct their day to day financial and business affairs.

Trice & Co takes a friendly and hands on approach to enable talented people to offload these tasks in order to concentrate their talents on artistic creation, performance and production.

Trice & Co believes that bands, artists and creative companies deserve independent, secure and proactive financial and business management to set the foundation for their future success. Our realistic rates provide accessibility to a service that can achieve that prospect.

Trice & Co works at its offices in North London and on clients’ premises when required.