Trice & Co offer a whole range of financial services to suit our clients' needs, be it Accounting or business management.

Accounting Services

Trice & Co provides financial services to bands, artists, their creative managements and companies in the music and media industries, in particular

  • Maintenance of proper books of account
  • Management of VAT and tax provisions
  • Payment of bills & issue of sales invoices
  • Credit control & cashflow projections
  • Management of bank accounts
  • Commission & royalty accounting
  • Regular & understandable reporting
  • Off site storage of all your financial and business records
Trice & Co will liaise closely with the relevant bank, accountant, record & publishing companies & the rest of your professional team on your behalf to ensure your financial security of mind.

Tour Accounting

Trice & Co provides a separate facility for bands and artists on tour, in particular, where required

  • Revision of tour budgets and the obtaining of tour support
  • Recommending the services of tour managers and crew
  • Organising insurance cover for personnel and equipment
  • Arranging tour floats and cash for PDs and other payments
  • Preparation of tour accounts and incorporation into books of accounts

Business Management

Trice & Co has an established reputation and hands on experience of managing the business affairs of bands, artists, their creative managements and companies in the music and media industries.

  • Manage the business affairs of startup artists, providing continuity of service from start up through to enduring success
  • Take over the business management of established artists who, for one reason or another, wish to terminate their relationship with their current business or financial managements
  • It is essential to give personal attention at all times and that establishing a close relationship with clients forms the basis for good and open business management.
  • Work alongside and represent their interests with their creative managements, legal teams, accountants and other professionals.
  • Where possible can also assist with personal matters, including property purchase, personal finances and insurances through their network of colleagues in these areas.
Trice & Co has a particular understanding of creative people and their specific needs and can provide business expertise through its network of contacts in the music industry and the media.